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St Thomas Private School is a multi-cultural society that respects and flourishes in diversity. The aim of the school’s cultural activities and programmes is to remind the learners of their roots, whilst educating them the values of South Africa’s different cultures, inculcating respect and tolerance for other religions and languages, whilst fostering unity amongst parents, learners and educators.

Culture is celebrated through various activities, including Dance, Music, Poetry, Speech and Drama. In partnership with well-established institutions such as the Steve Biko Centre, the school has a vibrant Drama club, which performs at different occasions. Students have an opportunity to write, produce and direct performances. Dance and music incorporates different genres, with the school’s choirs taking part in competitions at different levels.

The school’s cultural highlight is the annual Cultural Extravaganza, held as part of Cultural Day celebrations, which attracts a large audience from the King William’s Town Community.


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